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One-Eyed Spycy(No SoundsVideo)

3.63 usd

There are no "shutter sounds" that draw attentions while shooting movies !! And more! You can also shoot while browsing and operating the equipment! Recorded Videos can be played slowly immediately. Not interfering transparent shooting button! The only silent video camera that can have back-front camera switching option. A super easy yet silent, and has no screen! You can record a video in any kind of situations. ☆ Never use for harassments, such as Voyeur ☆ Use in such a case as filming stalkers, emergency shootings, security purpose like evidence shootings, (As long as there is no illegality) shootings in a public place where you aren't allowed to put sounds.
[Video recording] There is no sound when shooting movies even it's the domestic models. There is no need to rootification-modify on your mobile. Shooting floating shutter button can be positioned and moved freely on the screen by dragging it. You can display the shooting button while watching videos, listening to music and browsing.By pressing the power button while recording(turning off the back light), it may reduce the current consumption. And so that you may be able to shoot a video for a longer period of time. ※ Please be aware that it still continues to record even if the screen back light turned off by pressing the power button during shooting. You can shoot with the both front and back camera. Taken videos can be played back with the super slow playback mode. You can change the shutter button icon. You can also start the camera from Widget. By using the frame grabber function, you can take out your favorite pictures from video.
[simple silent movie recording] It can shoot photos continuously in silent and save as simple animation images. (Dedicated Player Mode available) It is designed that it may not have extreme frame dropping if you choose the size 640x480. You can use the slow play mode, mirror reversal and effects on the silent-continuous-shooting-data. ※ Shooting speed will depend on the capability of your equipment. Dropped frames may be caused especially by using the mobile phone with low-performance or by choosing a large shooting size. Frame droppings were not occurred when this app was running on the Xperia with 2.2GHz CPU (size 640x480) .
[Dedicated player for video playback] Slow playback is possible.(Voice pitch will not be changed) Adjusting scales are possible by using the pinch operation of video. Position shifting is possible by by the dragging operation of the video. Voice data can be removed while it's being played back.
[Dedicated player for continuous Photos] The jog operation allows fine adjustments of the playback positions. By using effects on the continuous shooting data, you can expect a beautiful finish. You can adjust the brightness and contrasts of the Photos.

[Recommended points of this app] • Even running on the domestic models, there will be no "shutter sounds" that draw other's attention around you while shooting movies. There is no need to modify or rootify your Mobile phone. You can shoot while browsing, listening music and also watching a video. Even while your smartphone is in a sleep mode, it can continue shooting. The shooting video can be played back slowly or enlarged so that you can fix or check the anxious parts. The video frames can be extracted as Photos. Brightness and contrasts of the extracted frames and continuous photos can be adjusted.
[Attentions] If the camera does not work and terminated when the app started up, please try to start up it again after restarting your mobile phone. It's only the other camera apps that have crashed your Android OS, so the most troubles can be resolved.